I run the "Digital Camera Group of Cincinnati" . . . . .  below is a link to see my upcoming events. This is for Photographers and Models.

Gary Roth Photography / Workshops

Gary Roth

A little information about Gary Roth and his SnapShot Creations brand. Gary loves the uniqueness of every client and capturing their own intimate beauty.

For Gary the job is about more than providing High-Quality fashion portraits, it's about giving each client a priceless, beautiful, and sexy images that last a lifetime. Photography is not a profession for him, it is a passion that he has enjoyed for over 20 years. He has the drive to create the most beautiful, yet powerful images within his ability. By nature, he is a perfectionist to a fault, but is also one that is comfortable with failing, then working until he gets it right. He never stops experimenting with New ideas and techniques, which is evident in is work.

Gary started his career in the Wedding photography business 20 years ago. It wasn't long until he realized his passion and creative talent for photographing people and events. Now the passion for Fine Art Photography still lives lives on, but in a more specific style, of High quality Fashion portraits.  With the use of modern equipment, and programs like photoshop, there is no limit to my creativity. He not only takes amazing photos but holds workshops at the studio to teach other aspiring photographers about digital photography. The workshops are offered as a group or a one on one basis. Please check them out via the link provided.


Featured in Standout Magazine's Top Photographers of 1998

Has accumulated 10 Merit prints from Professional Photographers of America


Photographer / Educator


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